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WareService Communication

Merlin Magix

Merlin Magix is capable of handling up to 80 lines and 200 stations.

Avaya (Lucent) Magix Phones

Avaya has phones for every need and position.

Network Data & Phone Cabling Services

WareService follows all EIA/TIA and BICSI installation standards.

All workstation faceplates will be properly identified and labeled

  • All terminations in the Telco / data closet will be properly identified and labeled

  • All patch panel ports in the Telco / data closet will be properly identified and labeled

  • Cabling is hidden when possible and all visible cabling is neat and secured

  • All terminations are clean and neat

  • All connections are tested upon completion

  • Training is given or scheduled at the completion of the installation

  • The client will be informed prior to the technician’s departure

  • Our technicians arrive promptly (or call if they are held up)

  • Our technicians are always dressed in appropriate attire

  • Our technicians act in a professional and courteous manner at all times

  • And best of all….Our technicians clean up after themselves

Upon completion of the station outlets, all cabling is tested to industry standards. All cable pairs will be tested end to end. All voice cable will be tested for continuity, potential grounds, shorts, and reversals. All data cables are tested 100 MHz compliance.  All test documents will be provided for your company records


Our communication professionals will


Assist you in evaluating your voice , data and communications needs

Make recommendations that best suit your needs.

Provide first class business phone systems and cabling support for voice and data

Provide you with reliable products of the highest quality.

Install the system to meet your specifications in a timely and efficient manner.

Train your operator on console operation.

Train your staff in utilizing the features and functions of the system.